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मौहम्मद गौरी का वध किसने किया था??(Did Prithviraj chauhan killed Mohmmad ghauri?)

Did Prithviraj Chauhan killed Mohmmad Ghauri????? मौहम्मद गौरी का वध किसने किया था? सम्राट पृथ्वीराज चौहान ने अथवा खोखर राजपूतो ने??...

Monday, January 11, 2016


Rajputana Soch राजपूताना सोच और क्षत्रिय इतिहास


1st Century AD, Yaduvamshi Rajput empire of Samrath Gajasena was the bulwark of Aryas against the thieving mleccha empires of Khushana who ruled from Khorasan and Indo-Greek traitors who betrayed Aryavart and its culture by adopting Hellenism.

Khushanas had assembled 400,000 horses along with endless infantry and formidable elephant units.
On the advice of Goddess Jwala, Gajasena built a fortress on the site of Ghazni. Despite the overwhelming number of the enemies the great scion of Krishna's blood decided to fight.
Thursday, the 13th of Magha was chosen as the auspicious day for the battle. During the battle the Khushana king died. Indo-Greeks lead the command and their allied troops marched like the waves of ocean, just to be butchered at the hands of Gajasena's brave soldiers.

After the victory- on 3rd of Baisakh, 3008 Dharmaraja Yudhisthira Samvat, Samrath Gajasena ascended on the throne of Ghazni as a victor.

He conquered all foes around his kingdom and created a large empire. Married the princess of Kashmir and through her was born Shalivahana, the greatest king of Yadu's children after Shri Krishna himself.

A decade later, daitya alliance of same foes managed to capture Ghazni and the heroic johar and saka followed there. While Samrath Gajasena was privileged to attain the priced martyrdom fighting on the front, his uncle Sahadeva defended the fort to the very last and attained same status.
Shalivahana will grow up to became the greatest enemy of the mleccha and destroyed them from the entire North-West Aryavart.